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Epson XP 970 printer Setup

Epson XP-970 printer is suitable for printing, scanning, and copying. Its print speed is 8.5ppm for black and 8ppm for color prints. The printer supports double-sided printing, copying, and scanning documents. It prints 4 x 6″ borderless photos in 11 seconds.

You will know how to set up Epson XP 970 printer on this page. Along with this, the page also includes driver setup, network setup, and Epson XP 970 troubleshooting.

How to Setup or Install Epson XP 970 printer

The standard procedure for Epson XP 970 printer setup is:

    • Uncover the Epson XP 970 printer package and take out the printer.
    • Place your Epson printer close to an electric port.
    • Get a steady USB cord and remove the coverings from it.
    • Connect the USB cord to the Epson printer and electric port.
    • Power up the Epson XP 970 printer and wait until the printer is configured.
  • Open the Epson XP 970 printer ink cartridge slots.
  • Load suitable ink cartridges into the printer cartridge slots and close the slots.
  • Keep the sheets on the Epson XP 970 printer tray.
  • Download Epson XP 970 connect printer utility and install it on the computer.

Epson XP 970 Driver & Manual Download

Epson XP 970 driver setup is possible easily on Windows and Mac computers. Here are the standard instructions for Epson printer driver setup:

Epson XP 970 Driver Download for Windows

The procedure for Epson XP-970 driver setup on Windows computer is:

  1. Turn ON the Windows computer and know your printer type.
  2. Choose the download option and select- Driver.
  3. Click on the Start option and access the Device Manager section.
  4. Choose- Device Hardware Categories and click your preferred printer name.
  5. Access the Driver tab and choose the option- Update driver.
  6. Now, the computer starts searching for the updated driver version.
  7. Update the driver if updates are available and place papers on the printer tray.
  8. Take a sample print.

Epson XP 970 Driver Download for Mac

The step-by-step procedure for Epson XP-970 driver installation on Mac device is:

    1. Power up the Epson XP 970 printer and choose your desired language.
    2. Access the computer and power it up.
    3. Open the driver’s CD package and take the CD out.
    4. Ensure that the CD does not have any damage or scratches.
    5. Open the CD tray of the computer and place the CD on it.
    6. Close the CD tray, and the CD begins functioning on the computer.
    7. Continue with the on-screen procedure and complete Epson XP 970 driver setup.
    8. Print a file as a sample to ensure proper driver setup.

Epson XP-970 Wireless Setup

Wireless setup using the Control Panel

  • Download the Epson XP-970 driver setup file on the computer.
  • Open the Epson printer driver file and continue with the on-screen steps.
  • Install Epson XP 970 driver and power up the Epson printer.
  • Choose the Wireless icon and proceed with the wizard instructions.
  • Select your WiFi name and continue to enter the WiFi security code.
  • Complete the Epson XP-970 wireless setup process.

Epson XP-970– Using WPS to Connect to a Network

  • Switch ON the Epson XP 970 printer and computer.
  • Check and confirm that the WiFi network in the computer is stable.
  • Choose the home symbol on the printer and select the wireless setup menu.
  • After that, choose the Push Button option.
  • Press and do not leave the wireless router WPS button for seconds.

Epson XP 970 Printer Troubleshooting

Epson XP 970 Printer Offline Issues

To make your Epson XP 970 printer online, use the procedure below:

  1. Make sure that the Epson XP-970 printer is faultless.
  2. Now, check the USB cords in the Epson printer and ensure no problem.
  3. Power up the computer and choose the Start button.
  4. Select the option- Devices and Printers and choose- Printer in question symbol.
  5. Then, select the option- See what’s printing and click on your printer name.
  6. Choose the drop-down icon and click- Printer Online.
  7. Stop the print tasks and delete the Epson XP 970 driver from the computer.
  8. Download and install Epson XP 970 driver on the device as per the wizard steps.
  9. Delete the printer from the computer and re-add it using the on-screen steps.

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Epson xp 970 Printer Won’t Print

If your Epson XP 970 printer is not printing, then solve it using the procedure below:

  1. Check the cable connections in the Epson XP 970 printer and ensure they are stable.
  2. After that, make your Epson XP-970 printer as the default printing option.
  3. Update the version of the Epson XP 970 driver installed on the device.
  4. Choose the Print Spooler service and ensure that it has no problem.
  5. Cancel the print tasks.

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Epson XP 970 Printing Blank Pages

The simple instructions for solving Epson XP 970 printing blank pages are:

  1. Check the ink cartridges in the Epson printer and ensure accurate ink levels.
  2. If you see any problem with the ink cartridges, consider replacing them with new cartridges.
  3. Place several suitable papers on the Epson XP 970 printer paper tray.
  4. Select the file you want to print and ensure that the file is faultless.
  5. Lastly, take a sample print.

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Epson XP 970 Printer Paper Jam

The procedure for solving the Epson XP 970 printer paper jam issue is:

  1. Power up the computer and stop the print jobs.
  2. Check the printer paper tray and ensure to have no jammed paper.
  3. If you see any jammed paper in the tray, remove it.
  4. Press the Epson XP 970 printer start button.
  5. Access the Epson printer scanner unit and power up the Epson XP 970 printer.
  6. Keep a set of compatible papers on the printer paper tray and take a test print.

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Epson XP 970 Won’t Connect to Wifi

If your Epson XP-970 printer fails to connect with the WiFi network, use the steps below and fix it.

  1. Activate the Epson XP 970 printer and choose the icon- home.
  2. Choose the Epson printer network setup menu and access the wireless settings.
  3. Select the preferred WiFi name and enter its security code.
  4. Continue with the wizard instructions and finish Epson XP 970 wireless setup.

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