Epson XP 15000 Connect

Epson XP 15000 is one of the finest choices for your printing purpose. However, if you want to use this printer efficiently, you need to set up the printer properly. For this, you need ink cartridges, suitable papers, a USB cable, a printer, and a computer.

Here get complete information about Epson XP 15000 printer setup, driver setup, and network setup. Along with this, also get information about how to troubleshoot Epson XP 15000 printer.

Epson XP 15000 Setup

The standard instructions for setting up Epson XP-15000 printer are:

  • Unbox the Epson XP-15000 printer pack and get the printer out.
  • Place the Epson XP 15000 printer close to the power port.
  • Get an undamaged USB cable and tear off the covering materials from it.
  • Plug the USB cord between the Epson XP printer and the computer.
  • Activate the Epson XP 15000 printer and wait for the Epson printer to configure.
  • Open the slots of the Epson XP 15000 printer ink cartridge.
  • Feed suitable ink cartridges into the Epson printer cartridge slots and close them.
  • Keep the suitable sheets on the paper tray of the Epson XP-15000 printer.
  • Download Epson XP 15000 connect printer utility and set it up on the device.

Epson XP-15000 Driver

Epson XP-15000 driver installation is easily possible on Windows and Mac devices. Here are the simple instructions for Epson XP-15000 printer driver setup:

Epson XP-15000 Driver Windows

The procedure for setting up Epson XP 15000 driver on your Windows computer is:

  1. Switch ON the Windows device and check your Epson printer type.
  2. Click on the given option- download and click- Driver.
  3. Choose the option- Start and move on to the Device Manager section.
  4. Select- Device Hardware Categories and choose your desired Epson printer name.
  5. Go to the “Driver Tab” and click on the “Update Driver” option.
  6. The device starts finding the upgraded driver version.
  7. Upgrade the Epson XP-15000 printer driver if updated versions are there.
  8. Place suitable papers on the Epson XP 15000 printer paper tray.
  9. Lastly, choose a document and take a print of it.

Epson XP-15000 Driver Mac

The step-by-step instructions for Epson XP-15000 driver setup on your Mac device are:

  1. Move on with the Epson XP 15000 printer and power it up.
  2. Choose the preferred language and power up the computer.
  3. Go to the driver’s CD package, open it, and take out the CD.
  4. Ensure that the driver’s CD is free from damages or other scratches.
  5. Access the device CD tray and place the driver CD properly on the tray.
  6. Close the device CD tray, and the driver CD begins working on the computer.
  7. Move on with the on-screen instructions and finish the Epson XP-15000 driver setup.
  8. Print a page as a test to ensure accurate driver setup.

Epson XP-15000 Wireless Setup

Wireless setup using the Control Panel

  1. Download Epson XP 15000 driver RAR file on the desired computer.
  2. Extract the Epson printer driver RAR file and proceed with the wizard procedure.
  3. Install Epson XP 15000 driver on the device and activate the Epson printer.
  4. Access the WiFi icon and move on with the wizard procedure.
  5. Go for your WiFi network name and move on to provide the WiFi security key.
  6. Complete Epson XP-15000 wireless setup.

Epson XP-15000– Using WPS to Connect to a Network

  1. Activate your Epson XP 4105 printer and desired device.
  2. Check the device wireless connection and confirm that it is stable.
  3. Access the Home icon and choose the menu- wireless setup.
  4. The Push Button option will appear on the screen, select it.
  5. Press the wireless router WPS button and do not leave it for some time.

Epson XP-15000 Troubleshooting

Epson XP-15000 Printer offline

Make your Epson XP 15000 printer in online mode, use the instructions shown below:

  1. Check and confirm that the Epson XP 15000 printer is stable.
  2. Now, ensure that the USB cords are in the Epson XP printer and confirm no problem.
  3. Activate the desired computer and select the button- start.
  4. After that, select – Devices and Printers and click- Printer in question.
  5. Select the “See what’s printing” option and choose your XP printer name.
  6. Now, access the drop-down menu and choose the “Printer Online” option.
  7. Stop the pending print jobs and delete the installed Epson XP 15000 driver from the device.
  8. Download the Epson XP-15000 driver and install it on the device using the on-screen steps.
  9. Delete the Epson XP printer from the device and add it again using the wizard steps.

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Epson XP-15000 printer won’t print

If your Epson XP 15000 printer fails to print, solve it by making use of the procedure listed below:

  1. Ensure that the USB connections in the Epson XP 15000 printer are stable.
  2. Then, set your Epson XP 15000 printer as your default option for printing.
  3. Upgrade the version of your Epson XP 15000 driver, which is properly installed on the device.
  4. Select the Print Spooler service and make sure to have no problem with it.
  5. Stop the ongoing printing tasks.

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Epson XP-15000 printing blank pages

The step-by-step procedure for resolve the Epson XP 15000 printing blank papers are:

  • Access the ink cartridges in the Epson XP printer and confirm the right ink levels.
  • If any problem you see with the ink cartridges, replace them with proper cartridges.
  • Keep a bunch of appropriate papers on your Epson XP 15000 printer tray.
  • Now, choose a file that you need to print and confirm that the file you choose is faultless.
  • Print a document as a sample.

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Epson XP 15000 Printer Paper Jam

The procedure to solve the Epson XP 15000 printer paper jam issue is:

  • Activate the preferred computer and cancel the print tasks.
  • Confirm the printer paper tray and make sure to have no paper jams.
  • If any jammed paper is in the paper tray, take it out.
  • After that, press the Epson XP 15000 printer start button.
  • Open the Epson XP printer scanner unit and switch ON the Epson XP 15000 printer.
  • Take a set of appropriate papers and keep them on the XP printer tray.
  • Finally, print a file as a sample.

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Epson XP-15000 Won’t Connect to Wifi

If your Epson XP 15000 printer cannot make a connection with the wireless network, use the instructions below and fix it.

  • ON the Epson XP 15000 printer and choose the home icon.
  • Select the Epson XP 15000 printer network setup option and go for the wireless settings.
  • Then, choose the preferred wireless network name and type the network code when the wizard pops.
  • Proceed with the on-screen instructions and complete Epson XP 15000 wireless setup.

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