epson wf 3540 printer connect setup and driver download

Epson WF 3540 Connect

Epson WF 3540 printer is a multifunctional printer with wireless technology. Epson WF- 3540 is 2-sided automatic printing, copying, and scanning feature that is an added advantage. This printer is user-friendly features to make the printing process easy. Connect Epson WF-3540 with computers, tablets, and smartphones to make your printer progress simple.

How to setup Epson WF 3540 printer

  • Unpack the printer and connect it to the power source using the power chord.
  • Load the ink cartridges and the paper in the respective tray.
  • Connect the device to the same network. Install the printer software
  • Download the software package from the EPSON site and then install the packages.

Follow the link given below;

  1. Connect Epson WF 3540 to Windows Computer.
  2. Connect Epson WF 3540 to Mac Computer.
  • Select the wireless connection and tap the next button on the printer setup page and follow the prompts
  • Now, follow the installation process, complete the Epson WF 3540 setup and conduct a test print.

Epson WF 3540 Driver & Manual Download

Epson WF 3540 driver download and setup is an easy and quick process. You can do it with a certain set of instructions given below. Here you will get the driver setup steps for Mac and Windows devices.

Epson WF-3540 driver download Windows

  • Click the start button, tap to about and check the operating system, it should be in 32bit or 64bit.
  • Download the driver from driver compatibility with windows.
  • Tap on the download button to download the driver and save the file
  • Select the driver file, then click ok to continue, the files will be downloaded.
  • Then click the accept button, click install, and then select the next button.
  • Now, it prompts the set up to connect with a USB cable, then clicks next, switch on the printer. using a USB Integrate the PC and printer device
  • The setup will discover the printer and starts the installation. After installing click the finish button to close the window
  • The printer install is successful.

Epson WF-3540 driver download Mac

  • Turn ON the Mac Computer, select the menu.
  • Now open the browser, search
  • Select the compatible Epson WF-3540 driver for Mac and click download.
  • Open the downloaded folder, run the printer package, click continue and install, tap the close button.
  • Follow the prompts and connect the printer and the mac using the required connectivity mode as per the need.
  • The required printer driver is fixed and tap the plus symbol for adding the printer.
  • Click on the printer and click add to complete the setup.
    • Now the driver installation in mac is finished.

Connect Epson WF-3540 to a wireless network

  • How to Connect Epson WF 3540 printer to wifi
  • Turn on the printer and the home screen will open and tap the home button.
  • Click the settings and tap the general settings.
  • Tap the network settings, select wifi setup.
  • Then select wifi recommended and select the start setup and the tap to the wifi setup wizard.
  • Now connect the setup to the wifi network by selecting the network name and password.
  • And then click the start button to start the setup.

Click ok to complete the setup

Epson WF 3540 printer troubleshooting

Epson WF 3540 printer not printing

  1. Restart the router and check whether it denotes the wifi symbol on the screen
  2. If not found, then connect the printer with the wireless network.
  3. If the symbol is visible then the printing process is resolved and also restart with the router.
  4. Then click the ok button and turn on the router for at least 30secs.
  5.  Reconnect with the printer and try to print the paper, and now it solves the problem.

Epson WF 3540 printer offline

  1. Click the start menu, click on the device and printer button once and tap the printer.
  2. Tap the default print and click on the printer properties then click the standard default ports
  3. Configure the port, then enable SNMP ports and click on the ok button.
  4. Restart the computer and now run the printer.

Epson WF 3540 printing blank pages

  1. The first step is to make sure the ink cartridge is empty because it might also create a problem
  2. Run a nozzle check for the printer.
  3. When the printer software is not up to date then it may form an issues
  4. If incorrect size paper is fed to the printer, will print blank pages.
  5. Click on the setting to click the printer and click and launch the settings.

Epson WF 3540 Printer page Jam

  1. While printing the paper, the paper will lag in the middle so immediately remove the paper and again restart the printer.
  2. While printing the printer may lag because of rotating gear issues and the force will not transmit to the next gears.
  3. The next step is to check the paper eject sensor when the lever is blocked in the detector, realign the lever to make sure the issue is resolved.