Epson XP 625 Setup

Epson XP 625 printer setup is not a complicated process. The printer setup process starts with uncovering the printer packages and ends with printing a file. Here, you will get the simple method for Epson XP 625 setup.
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Epson XP 625 Printer Setup

Epson XP 625 Printer Unboxing

  • Take the printer box and keep it in a safe place.
  • Open the box and take the printer out carefully.
  • Place the Epson XP 625 printer on a smooth surface.
  • Remove the inner and outer coverings from the printer.

Epson XP 625 Paper Loading

  • Open the Epson XP 625 printer’s paper feeder tray.
  • Then, ensure the tray has no damage.
  • Take a set of suitable papers and place them properly on the tray.
  • Close the paper feeder tray properly.

Epson XP 625 Power Cord Setup

  • Get a new power cord and remove its coverings.
  • Then, check the power cord and confirm it is flawless.
  • Connect the power cord to the printer’s USB port.
  • Then, connect the power cord’s other end to the wall port.

Epson XP 625 Ink Cartridge Installation

  • Go to the printer cartridge slots and open them.
  • Take the new cartridges and tear off their coverings materials.
  • Load the proper cartridges into the ink cartridge slots.
  • Close the slots carefully and in a proper way.

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Epson XP 625 Driver Download

Epson XP 625 driver is essential for the proper functioning of the printer. Driver download and installation is an easy process. The simple steps for Epson XP 625 driver download and setup are:
  • Activate the desired computer you want to connect with the Epson XP-625 printer.
  • Check the computer thoroughly and ensure it has no problem.
  • Then, check and ensure the wireless network is stable on the computer.
  • Now, find the exact OS version of the computer.
  • Search for the Epson XP 625 driver suitable for the OS version.
  • Once you get the driver, download its setup file on the computer.

Epson XP 625 Manual Download

For Epson XP 625 manual download, you need the user manual. The user manual comes with the new printer package.
  • Take the user manual that you got with the Epson XP-625 printer.
  • If the user manual is not in the printer pack or you lost it, then access the official website.
  • Now, you will get the option to download the required user manual.
  • Download the Epson XP 625 user manual from the website.

Epson XP 625 Driver Installation

The simple procedure for downloading and installing the Epson XP 625 driver is:

  • Access the computer where you downloaded the driver file.
  • Open the folder where the driver setup file is.
  • Extract the XP 625 driver file on the computer.
  • Continue with the set of procedures given on the screen.
  • The available connectivity modes will appear on the screen.
  • Choose the preferred connectivity mode to proceed.
  • Continue and complete the Epson XP 625 driver installation.
  • Finally, to ensure proper driver installation, print a page.

How to Replace Epson XP 625 Ink Cartridges?

The simple instructions for replacing the ink cartridges in the Epson printer are:

  • Access the Epson XP 625 printer.
  • Go to the printer ink cartridge slots and open them.
  • Take out the ink cartridges from the slots.
  • Check and ensure the cartridge slots have no problem.
  • Get suitable Epson XP 625 ink cartridges.
  • Tear off the protective coverings from the cartridges.
  • Install the ink cartridges accurately into the cartridge slots.
  • Close the slots properly.

Epson XP-625 Wi-Fi Setup

The basic instructions for setting up a wireless network on the Epson XP 625 printer are:

  • Check and ensure the XP printer has no issue.
  • Then, ensure the computer has a stable wireless network.
  • Access the Epson XP 625 printer control panel.
  • Choose the Setup button given on the printer.
  • After that, access the network setup menu and select- wireless settings.
  • Tap the wireless setup wizard to proceed.
  • A range of wireless networks will display on the screen.
  • Choose your network name and continue with the wizard steps.
  • Enter the password of the network when the wizard pops.
  • Follow the on-screen steps and complete Epson XP 625 Wi-Fi Setup.

How to Connect Epson XP 625 to Mac?

The simple steps for making a connection between the Epson XP 625 printer and Mac device are:

  • Switch ON the Epson XP 625 printer and Mac computer.
  • Search and download Epson XP 625 driver suitable for the Mac OS version.
  • Run the downloaded driver setup file on the Mac computer.
  • Then, proceed with the set of standard instructions given on the screen.
  • Now, the available network setup modes will appear on the Mac device.
  • Choose the wireless or wired mode to connect the Epson XP 625 printer and Mac device.
  • Continue with the wizard steps and complete the connection process.
  • Lastly, print any document to confirm the printer is in connection with the device.

How to Copy on Epson XP 625 Printer?

  • Access the Epson XP 625 printer.
  • Move on to the printer scanner glass and open it.
  • Take the photo or document you want to copy.
  • Place the photo or document on the printer scanner glass.
  • Open the Epson XP 625 paper feeder tray.
  • Place a set of sheets on the tray with correct alignment.
  • Close the paper tray and choose the printer home button.
  • Select the copy option and adjust the copy settings as per the requirements.
  • If you want to check the additional copy settings, then select- Advanced Settings.
  • After that, select the Start option and copy the document or photo.

Epson XP 625 Double-Sided Printing

The simple procedure for using the double-sided printing feature of the Epson XP 625 printer is:

  • Access the document that you need to print.
  • Choose the shown File menu and click on the Print option.
  • Select any one of the options given in the drop-down menu of 2-Sided Printing.
  • After that, choose the Settings option given on the screen.
  • Click on the option- double-sided printing.
  • Continue with the wizard steps and click- Print Density.
  • Then, access the Document Type settings section and select the document type.
  • Select- Adjustments if you need.
  • Choose- OK and access the Main Tab.
  • Now, take a copy of your double-sided document.
  • Finally, use the on-screen instructions and get the document printed.
  • Epson XP 625 Scanner Setup

    Setting up the Epson XP 625 printer for scanning purposes is not a difficult process. Before starting with the scanning setup process, ensure certain things. Check and confirm the printer and computer are properly connected. After that, ensure the compatible printer software is properly installed on the device.

    Epson XP 625 Scan to Email

    Scanning a document using the Epson XP 625 printer and attaching it to an email is simple. The standard instructions to implement this process are:
    • Power up the Epson XP 625 printer and access its scanner glass.
    • Take the document you need to scan and keep it on the scanner glass.
    • Now, choose the Home icon on the printer and select the Scan button.
    • Choose- computer and click- Select a computer.
    • If the printer and computer are wirelessly connected, then select your computer name.
    • If the printer and computer are in connection via a USB cord, then select- USB connection.
    • Now, a list of options will appear, choose- Attach to e-mail.
    • Then, select the Start option.

    Epson XP 625 Scan to Computer

    Scan any file with Epson XP 625 printer and save the scanned file on the computer easily. You can save the file in JPEG or PDF format as per your requirements.
    • Download and install Event Manager, as well as Epson XP 625 scan software.
    • Access the scanner glass of the Epson 625 printer.
    • Place the page you would like to scan on the XP 625 printer scanner glass.
    • Choose the home button, select the scan option, and tap the Computer option.
    • Click- Select a computer to continue with the process.
    • If the computer is wirelessly connected to the printer, then click on your computer name.
    • If the computer and printer are in connection using a USB cable, then click- USB connection.
    • Choose the displayed option- Save as PDF or Save as JPEG.
    • Select the given option- Attach to e-mail and continue with the on-screen steps.
    • Click on the Start option, scan the file and save it on the computer.

    Epson XP 625 Scan Software

    Epson XP 625 scan software is essential for scanning using the Epson XP 625 printer. Downloading and installing the essential scan software is not a tough job. Onces you download and install the software, you can scan using the Epson XP 625 printer without any hassle.

    How to Scan Multiple Pages on Epson XP 625 Printer?

    Scanning multiple pages using Epson XP 625 printer is an easy-to-do process. The general steps for scanning with an XP-625 printer are:
    • Access the printer scanner glass and place the document you want to scan.
    • Now, move on to the computer connected to the Epson XP-625 printer.
    • Download and install Epson Scan 2 software on the computer.
    • Select the Scanner option and access the scan settings.
    • Then, choose the Scan mode from the drop-down menu.
    • Access the main tab and make other essential changes in the scan settings.
    • Tick the checkbox given near Add or Edit pages.
    • Choose the image format as either Multi-Tiff or PDF.
    • Then, select the preview button and then click on the Scan option.
    • After that, if you want, add the other pages and save the scanned files as a single file.

    Epson XP 625 Setup Troubleshooting

    Epson XP 625 printer sometimes shows certain problems. However, solving the Epson XP 625 printer problem can be easily resolved. Now, here we are listing down the method to troubleshoot some common Epson XP 625 printer problems.

    How to Scan Multiple Pages on Epson XP 625 Printer?

    Resetting the Epson XP 625 printer is a simple process. The standard method for Epson XP 625 printer resetting process is:
    • Move on to the Epson XP 625 printer and confirm it is ON.
    • Then, press the printer home button and choose the settings menu.
    • Choose the OK option to continue and tap- Restore Default Settings.
    • Select- OK and choose the option- All Settings.
    • Click- OK for resetting the control panel settings to factory defaults.
    • Finally, restart the Epson XP 625 printer.

    Epson XP 625 Scanner Error

    If the Epson XP 625 printer shows a scanning error, then use the below method and fix it:
    • Check and ensure the printer scanner is ON.
    • Then, confirm the scanner is in connection with the power supply.
    • Confirm the power supply is active and try scanning.
    • If scanning is not working properly, turn off the computer.
    • Power off the scanner and confirm there is no problem with the scanner and computer.
    • Ensure the scanner is directly connected to the USB port of the computer.
    • Check the computer and ensure the essential scanner driver & software are properly installed.
    • Now, try to scan with Epson XP 625 printer.

    Epson XP 625 not printing guide

    Sometimes the Epson XP 625 printer might fail to print. This problem occurs due to several reasons such as low ink, error in print settings, etc. In this situation, follow the below method to resolve it.
    • Ensure that the Epson XP 625 printer is in active mode.
    • Then, confirm that the printer is in connection with the computer.
    • Check the installed ink cartridges and confirm to have no coverings on them.
    • Now, check the paper tray has a compatible set of sheets.
    • Next, check and make sure to have no clogged nozzles in the Epson printer.
    • Check the print settings and confirm everything is accurate.
    • Make sure the document you chose to print does not have any blank pages.
    • If you see any blank pages, remove them.
    • Finally, get a print of any document.

    Epson XP 625 Print without Black Ink

    If the Epson status monitor is active on the Windows computer, then a wizard will prompt you to print the black color with the help of other colors.

    However, the wizard will prompt this only when the black color ink gets low. Now, when the wizard prompts, choose- Yes to continue.

    If you choose the No option or deactivate this feature, then the Epson XP 625 printer will make use of the black ink, which is remaining until you change it.