How to Solve Epson Wireless Printing Problems

How to Solve Epson Wireless Printing Problems

Common issues occur from time to time that will cause the printer from functioning to a halt. When such issues take place there are a few simple steps that are to be followed to make sure the printer continues to function without any issues. Follow the steps below to assist in allowing the Epson printer to work and remove the issue with the printer.

Follow the below steps to solve the Epson Wireless Printing problem

  1. Recheck the wireless connection
    1. Check if there is an active wireless connection. Ensure the wireless connection is stable.
    2. Check if the Epson printer connection is active.
    3. The wireless router should be compatible with the established connection with the driver.
  2. Update the Epson printer driver
    1. Move over to the device and open the Control Panel.
    2. Choose the Epson wireless printer and right-click on it.
    3. Select Update. If there is an update available the process will initiate.
  3. Update the device software
    1. Open the Windows icon and key in Windows Update.
    2. Check if there is an update available.
    3. Click Update if needed and proceed further.
    4. Restart the device if needed and apply the changes.

These are some of the common measures that are to be taken when the Epson wireless printer fails to function. Follow the steps accurately as instructed and this should help resolve the issue. Here are some other steps that are to be followed to ensure the printer begins to function normally.

  1. Restart the Epson printer
    1. While the printer is turned on, yank out the power cord from the printer’s end.
    2. After this, remove the power cord from the power supply.
    3. Allow the printer to remain idle for a few minutes.
    4. Connect the power cord back and it will switch back on in a few minutes.
  2. Restart the Windows device
    1. Click on the Windows icon on the keyboard.
    2. Choose the power sign on the screen.
    3. Select Restart and give it a few minutes to restart.
  3. Restart the wireless router
    1. Move to the back of the wifi router and press and hold the power button.
    2. Allow the wifi router to remain idle. When turned off the lights will be turned off.
    3. Power it up again by pressing the power button to turn it back on.

These are the basic measures that are to be implemented when the printer fails to function. If the issues prevail even after the above changes have been applied, contact us.