How to rectify Epson printer utility setup error?

Every Epson printer comes with advanced features, but still, it prompts errors. A wrong configuration in the system files can cause printing problems. Either follow these steps or contact expert technicians to resolve printer problems.

Why do we get Epson printer setup utility error?

Following are the reasons why we face setup utility error in the Epson printer:

  • The configuration issue arises in your PC and the Epson printer.
  • This error will display if your PC and Epson printer is not compatible.
  • A corrupted Epson driver will also cause an Epson printer problem.
  • A virus or malware on your PC will also cause trouble in printing.

Listed below are the steps to resolve the Epson printer setup utility error:

Step 1: Update an Epson printer driver

  • Go to the control panel settings and tap on the start button.
  • Now, go to the device manager menu and find your printer model.
  • Right-click on your Epson printer and tap on the update driver menu.
  • The auto driver update process will start on your PC.

Step 2: Update Windows

  • Go to the control panel settings and navigate to the start menu.
  • From the list of programs and features, choose the update windows option.
  • The PC will start to update the Windows with no hassles.

Step 3: Configuration setup

Setting up your printer with no hassles is vital to get quality printouts. A hardware and software issue will also cause a printer problem. Follow the troubleshooting steps or contact printer technicians to solve the printer problems.

These steps will help you resolve the Epson printer setup utility error at ease.