How to fix Epson printer printing blank pages

How to fix Epson printer printing blank pages?

Every brand name printer will encounter this type of error over some period of time/use. You have an instant solution to get back the regular print pattern with a simple set of instructions and options. Try to utilize the Epson Official page and obtain the best troubleshooting experience in less time with an immediate satisfying solution. Epson printer printing blank pages- are quite common in the Epson printer category and can be resolved with a given bunch of instructions.

Connect via stable & protected network access that can make you free from basic troubleshooting procedures. On the other hand, ensure with the driver software with the latest software version before starting the Epson Troubleshooting procedure.

epson printer printing blank pages

Basic requirements to be done:

  • Look whether the printer is placed on a smooth surfaceor not. Try to choose an even surface to place the printer for regular usage.
  • Open the Toner/ink cartridges and look for the ink levels. If the ink levels are low.Try to replace the new ink cartridges properly with the slot.
  • Eventually, suspect for any yellow tapes on it. If it is visible, try to delete it immediately once you find it.
  • Use thepaper supported by the Epson printer. Check the input tray and change if not.
  • Open the input tray and look for anynozzle-clogs. If you happen to see any clogs, try to remove them immediately for the best printing.
  • To clear out the nozzle-clogs, use the Print the nozzle-check pattern
  • Try to clean the print headof the Epson printer for better performance and accessibility.
  • Verify and modify the printer settingslike correct paper size, directions, format settings, and more before you start the printing work.
  • To escape from this type of error, use the Previewoption to check the document to be printed.
  • Now, follow the given headings and instructions still find the printer prints blank pages.

How to fix the Epson printer printing blank pages error:

Check the ink cartridges of your printer:

Use the three successful conditions to inspect the ink cartridge.

  • Refill or replace the new Epson ink cartridges into the given ink cartridge slots. If you suspect the levels of the ink are low.
  • Next, in case the ink cartridge tray consists of one cartridge with empty/low-level ink. Try to refill or replace it with a new one.
  • Finally, in case the newly installed ink cartridges don’t show the ink flow. Try to remove the protective cap and fix it firmly until you notice the ink flow.

Note: Don’t use any sharp object to remove the ink cartridge tape, that couldn’t break or dent the cartridge.

Clean the nozzle and print head:

If you suspect any clogs on the print head, use the print nozzle check pattern using your printer control panel settings.

Use the given steps to print the nozzle check pattern. Ensure the printer screen doesn’t show any error on it.

  • Use the control panel settings & go with the setup menu and click on the Maintenance option.
  • Here, on the next screen- choose the Print head nozzle check option.
  • Try to make a print to know the clogs through the four-shaded print report pattern. It will indicate the checkbox which is blocked.
  • If you see any holes or blank lines, use the Clean print head>Proceed. Wait till the print head cleaning cycle. Don’t disturb the printer until the printer completes the cleaning procedure.
  • Still, the clogs don’t remove, you can support them through the Epson Technician for the instant solution.

Update your Printer driver: 

For efficient Epson printer accessibility, you need to access the updated driver software. Try to use the auto-update option or periodically check the software for its updates and any without delay- use the Epson Official page to download and install the latest Epson printer driver OS.

Try to get the compatible software that suits the system OS.

Update the Firmware of your Printer: 

You can get this type of error, even when the Firmware software is not updated properly or failed in an update. You can access the print work effortlessly when the Firmware is to its latest version. Use the start option on the windows system and pick the Epson Software Updater.

  • Use the Epson Official Support page and download the Firmware by entering the printer keys appropriately to the requested field.
  • Use the checkbox to pick the system updater.
  • Hit the install option.
  • Use the on-screen instructions and complete the installation of the software.
  • Hit the Finish option after completing the procedure.

Still, the Epson printer printing blank pages error continues, contact the Epson Technical Team for instant suggestions and support through solutions.

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