How to download Epson Printer drivers on Windows & Mac OS?

Driver setup is the spot through which you can access the printer specifications in less time using the simple setup instructions and handlings. Try to use the Epson Official page to download the latest Epson driver software and other utility software to access easily,

Use the given directives to complete the driver download procedure using the Windows and Mac system devices.

For Windows:

  1. Make sure you have completed the first-time printer setup using the Epson Manual or Epson Official page references.
  2. Connect through the stable network and start the driver download procedure on the windows system using the printer keys.
  3. Use the list of available driver names and pick the desired Epson driver software with the latest version.
  4. Use the download option and finish the driver download procedure and try to run the file using the on-screen prompts and finish it.
  5. You can also use the Epson Utility pack for your printer in accordance with your printer features.
  6. Make sure the printer is added to the windows system using the option Control panel> Printers & Scanners> Epson printer and you can check for the driver details by right-clicking to it.
  7. Start the effortless printing work simply by hitting the print option.’

For MAC:

  1. Initially, you need to ensure with the printer basic-setup using the Mac system with the help of the Epson Manual.
  2. You can also use the Epson Official page using the printer keys to get connected with the driver download page.
  3. Make use of the list of suitable driver names and finish the driver download procedure using the download button.
  4. Then, wait until the download procedure. Here, you can also download the Epson Utility software for your printer and access it according to your printer specifications.
  5. Then, Run using the on-screen and finish the driver installation by adding the printer to the software.
  6. Ensure the printer setup on MAC using the Apple icon> System Preferences> Add printers or Scanners> right-click to the desired Epson printer and view the status of the printer.
  7. Assign the print work and start the printing work effortlessly.