Epson not connecting to the Wi-Fi is the easily solvable issue

Epson not connecting to the Wi-Fi is the easily solvable issue that occurs in every printer while trying to print or network printing. To escape from the basic- troubleshooting, you need to ensure stable network access and signal. Place the wireless router near the printer setup to accomplish high signal-coverage. You can also use the Epson Official page OR Epson Manual to initiate the Wi-Fi setup with a compatible device connection.


Follow the given steps to overcome the Epson printer Wi-Fi error:

  1. First, try the troubleshooting procedure by shifting the Epson printer to a different location and connecting them again.
  2. If you suspect the printer-to-router positioned far away, it may result in a poor network signal. This may result in this type of error.
  3. Remove the signal-blocking object between the printer and router by placing nearby.
  4. Then, press the restart option and restart both the printer and system.
  5. Meanwhile, safely unplug the wireless router’s connection and later plug-in using the Manual.
  6. Repeat the same plug-in and plug-out once again.
  7. Now, connect to the Wi-Fi setup by entering the network credentials. Yet the problem provokes, go ahead with the given below.
  8. Make sure you have entered the correct Wi-Fi credentials like Wi-Fi Password/user name to the field. Sometimes the incorrect credentials may result in loss of connection.
  9. If your network credential password contains any special characters, try to be more predominant while mentioning them.
  10. Alternatively, try using the Reset Network Settings. Hit the Factory Reset settings to resolve the issue on the connected Epson printer setup.
  11. Now, bring the printer to active using the power button. Carry out using the Menu option and connect through the Settings.
  12. On the same page, scroll down the cursor to click on Restore default settings. Now, use the Network settings. Give ok and mention the message parameters.
  13. At last, the Epson printer will automatically restore and reboot. Now, you can attempt the Wi-Fi setup.
  14. Finally, update or install the latest driver that suits the compatible system which is connected with.
  15. Yet you can’t access Wi-Fi Setup, support through the Epson Technician for the instant solution.