How to connect my PC with Epson Printer?

Connecting the computer to the Epson printer is not a challenging process. You can do it without any hassle. For this, you have to follow a specific set of instructions. The general steps for connecting the computer to the Epson printer are:

  • To begin with, power up the Windows computer.
  • Download Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility on the computer.
  • Run the Utility file on the computer.
  • Continue with the setup instructions given on the screen.
  • Click the option- Install and choose – Next.
  • Now, select the option- Printer Registration and continue.
  • You will see the message- Register a printer to Epson Connect; click- OK.
  • If you are creating a new Epson account, then fill- Epson Connect Account form.
  • Choose – Finish and complete the process.
  • If you are registering a new product with your existing account, then choose- I already have an account.
  • After that, you have to fill the form- Add a new printer.
  • Choose the Add option and finish the process.


Connecting the computer to your preferred Epson printer is simple with the above method. However, if you have any query or doubt regarding the above method, call us.

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